The Osteria “dell’Orologio” represents a piece of history of the Gardesan town and its events cannot be separated from the other historic and esteemed hostelry in Salò: the Antica Trattoria alle Rose, which in some way – since March 1996 – it has represented a kind of easier and more informal alter ego of, even though based on the same quality and excellence.

A genuine “Osteria” or Inn where the customer can feel themselves free to savour a dish, a couple of slices of cured meat or simply drink a glass of good wine: a hostelry where the identity of the place, the area and its flavours are still preserved by the often detrimental effects of time.

These twelve years of hard work, which has seen the Briarava and Giacomini families work side-by-side in perfect harmony, have been crowned by an acknowledgment of national interest in the Espresso Guide: la miglior enotavola dell’anno 2008.